Buglife Bees - NFTs to support bee populations

A 5000-piece NFT collection benefitting Buglife, whose mission is to support bees and other pollinators crucial for biodiversity, and the conservation of all invertebrates. Designed by Fungii Studios.


The Buglife Bees Story

The Buglife Bees are on a mission to build a pollinator superhighway across the UK to ensure their natural habitats are fully connected and their bee friends can go on pollinating the natural world.

The Buglife Bees and their bee friends have faced a ton of adversity and have lost a significant amount of their population over the years from the effects of climate change, pesticides, shrinking and disconnected habitats, and in conflict with invasive species.

By evolving into an NFT collection with their own unique traits, these 5000 Bees have ensured their digital survival, but still want to ensure their bee friends in the UK have a fighting chance to survive and have called on their human allies to help in the cause.

Now it’s not just about the survival of bees, but the survival for the entire ecosystem. The food we eat, the fish we catch, the birds we see, the flowers we smell and the hum of life we hear, simply would not exist without bees. Bees underpin life on earth and without them the world’s ecosystems would collapse.

Each Buglife Bee will plant 10 square metres of wildflowers in critical areas across the UK to create their superhighway, the B-Lines. The B-Lines will enable bees to travel more freely, expand their populations, and gather the resources they need to survive.

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Buglife Bees Partners

Fungii Studios have partnered with industry-leading crypto companies who are passionate about using NFT technology for social impact.

Buglife Bees NFT Collection

Buglife Bees is a 5000-piece NFT collection to support bee populations launching soon

About Wild Bees From Buglife UK

Loss of habitat, loss of connectivity between habitats, over use of chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, climate change and non-native invasive species carrying diseases or predating native species are the key causes behind pollinator decline.

Because of this many bees and other pollinators are suffering declines and without action scientists have suggested four out of every ten species could become extinct by 2050. The Buglife Bees NFT collection provides a way in which you can have a direct impact in helping bee populations.

The food we eat, the fish we catch, the birds we see, the flowers we smell and the hum of life we hear, simply would not exist without bees. Bees underpin life on earth and without them the world’s ecosystems would collapse.

Imagine trying to travel around without our road and rail network. Or imagine if nine out of every ten miles of road just didn’t exist – life would be impossible! That is the situation faced by our vital pollinators and other bugs. B-Lines is Buglife’s unique solution, an ambitious blueprint to recreate pollinator connectivity.

In the UK once common bumblebees such as the Shrill Carder Bee are now close to extinction and the Short Haired Bumblebee has gone the way of the Dodo. In the USA stocks of bees have dropped  by close to 60% and these figures are mirrored by research from across the planet.

A complete sale of the NFT collection will provide 50 hectares (123.5 acres for you imperial folk) of wildflower seed planting in key areas of the UK. While 50 hectares planted is the ultimate goal for this project, the process is incremental with each NFT sold contributing 10 square metres of wildflower seed plantings.

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Team Behind Buglife Bees

Fungii Studios has partnered with Buglife to help them in their mission of stopping the extinction of invertebrate species.

Project Revenue Split

Project revenue is split with 70% going to Buglife and 30% going to Fungii Studios.

Fungii Studios

Daniel, Chris and Belu

hectares of wildflowers
planet for bees to live in
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